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From the car nerd behind the Hello Road YouTube channel, Ethan Tufts brings his discovery of interesting places and unique vehicles to your podcast inbox each week. Ethan is joined by co-host and fellow odd car enthusiast Paul McCarthy as they discuss forgotten cars, memorable destinations, and their most recent automotive adventures.

With guests ranging from figures in the automotive scene to local historians, you’ll always come away at the end of each episode with new found knowledge and a desire to drive your car someplace cool.

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Podcast Episode #26 – I Race A Dodge Stratus!

Today we talk about oddball race cars! Yes, a factory backed Dodge Stratus race team once existed! And the dutch built, belt-driven DAF once dominated rally stages in the late 60s! We talk about the plans for the now-dead Liam Nissan race car, and Ethan talks about his latest press car, a 2020 Kia Soul GT Line. Come join us!

By |November 9th, 2019|

Podcast Episode #18 – Evading Park Rangers in a Geo Storm Wagonback

By |August 8th, 2019|

There were so many great questions from our listeners last week that we are coming at you with another Q&A episode! Let’s talk about Geo Storm Wagonbacks, childhood poster cars, the best new cars under $30k that come with a manual transmission, and a lot more. Come join us.

Podcast Episode #17 – First Ever Q&A!

By |August 6th, 2019|


It’s time for the first ever Hello Road Q&A episode. Let’s talk Yugos, Nova Twin Cams, old Corollas, and beer! Thanks to everyone that submitted questions, they were thought provoking and fun to answer. We only got through half the questions, so we’ll post a bonus episode with the rest later this week.

Ethan Tufts on The Road Stories Podcast

By |August 1st, 2019|

Want to hear me ramble somewhat coherently about Liam Nissan, my formative years, owning too many broken cars, and why I started Hello Road? I was just a guest on The Road Stories Podcast, and had a ton of fun recounting some old memories.


Ethan Tufts is a YouTuber, Podcaster and Racer unlike any other YouTuber, Podcaster or racer. His eclectic taste in cars and places has lead him to start a YouTube channel and Podcast of the same name, “Hello Road”. In this episode we talk about his infamous Lemons racer, “Liam Nissan”, weird places, and of course, weird cars.

In the bonus episode, Ethan walks us through some his adventures in his van. Think drums, not candy. Don’t get weird.

Podcast Episode #16 – Epic Road Trips

By |July 27th, 2019|

This week Ethan and Paul share a few stories from memorable road trips they’ve had. Paul takes us through his journey to Wall Drug in South Dakota, and Ethan recounts the gray-hair inducing trek through the Vail Pass in a rental Kia Optima. Come join us!

Podcast Episode #15 – Future Collectibles

By |July 19th, 2019|

Let’s talk about future collectibles—cars from the last 10 years that we think will be “Hello Road approved” classics a couple decades from now. Given our unusual taste in cars, it’s not likely these choices will be worth much in the future, but they will certainly have their own unique story to tell. Come join us!

Podcast Episode #14 – Sine Wave of Car Emotions

By |July 2nd, 2019|


The past week has been a series of ups and downs of car-related emotions! Ethan got his rare Geo running again, crashed a Mustang Ecoboost rental, finally sold his big stupid truck, and still has his awful Prius. Paul’s new wheels and tires for his Daihatsu turn out to be garbage. We laugh, we cry, come join us!

Podcast Episode #13 – Manuel Carrillo III and Steven Ewing

By |June 12th, 2019|

Automotive journalists Manuel Carrillo III and Steven Ewing join us to talk about some of their most memorable automotive experiences (including driving the Honda Mean Mower and piloting a Subaru WRX STI on the Nurburgring during a torrential downpour), how they got their start in the auto industry, and their approach to writing about cars. Come join us!

Podcast Episode #12 – Dream Road Trips

By |June 7th, 2019|

Today Ethan and Paul come up with ideas for epic road trips, cost no object. Ethan keeps it close to home, with plans to explore the west coast of the United States but with a catch—a different car perfectly suited for each leg of the trip. Paul takes us on his dream tour of Japan, stopping at iconic Japanese race tracks, and traversing the countryside in unique JDM rides. Come join us!

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