Podcast Episode #58 – Are We Finally Done With Cars?

What happens when two car enthusiasts decide that they might be done with cars? There are obviously problems and expenses that come along with being fans of older vehicles. But beyond our simple car hobby lie much larger issues. Automakers and car dealers are pushing larger, less efficient vehicles loaded an increasing level of distracting technology inside. Car-centric road design is often unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists and pushes a car dependent lifestyle on everyone—whether you like it or not. Last year saw the most pedestrian fatalities in the US in 40 years. Our cities have provided us with few options to safely walk or bike with our kids. Are we finally done with automobiles? What can we do about all this?

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4 Responses

    1. Still have it. It’s at the shop now. Going to see if it can be revived. It will likely be for sale later this year. Thx!

  1. I saw your video about your Pontiac grand am. I have a 1991 grand am and I still love it. Are you really through with cars?

    1. Nice!! Well, not exactly. I’m growing tired of having a large fleet of cars, so it will definitely get slimmed down! Only one or two projects at a time from now on! And I’m just making an effort to drive less, especially in the city/suburbs. I’d rather my driving be limited to fun stuff—road trips, race tracks, canyon drives, etc. 🙂

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