Ethan Tufts on The Road Stories Podcast

Want to hear me ramble somewhat coherently about Liam Nissan, my formative years, owning too many broken cars, and why I started Hello Road? I was just a guest on The Road Stories Podcast, and had a ton of fun recounting some old memories.


Ethan Tufts is a YouTuber, Podcaster and Racer unlike any other YouTuber, Podcaster or racer. His eclectic taste in cars and places has lead him to start a YouTube channel and Podcast of the same name, “Hello Road”. In this episode we talk about his infamous Lemons racer, “Liam Nissan”, weird places, and of course, weird cars.

In the bonus episode, Ethan walks us through some his adventures in his van. Think drums, not candy. Don’t get weird.

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