When I think back through the thirty or so cars that I have owned over the years, my black ’90 ’91 Geo Prizm GSi hatchback is “the one that got away”.

1990 Geo Prizm GSi Hatchback - black

My Geo Prizm GSi hatchback. Never realized how big that rear bumper was until just now.

The Geo Prizm GSi.

To most people, the Prizm was simply a stupidly named version of a Toyota Corolla. But the GSi, especially in hatchback form, was a rare creature indeed. Manufactured only from ’90-’92, it featured the 130hp 4A-GE motor found in the MR2 and Corolla GT-S. It featured upgraded suspension, disc brakes, larger wheels, and of course the obligatory red stripe.

This GSi was my fifth car—I owned it for only a year back when I was 19. I secured my first ever car loan and bought this used example with only 60k miles. It wasn’t incredibly fast (maybe an 8 second 0-60 time) but it had the 5-speed transmission, a 7600rpm redline, and was pretty fun to drive on the back roads of western Massachusetts.

1990 Geo Prizm GSi, 1987 Volkswagen Scirocci 16V

My Geo Prizm GSi. And my god-awful unreliable turd of a VW Scirocco 16V in the background.

My Geo was the nicest vehicle that I had ever owned—fully loaded with power windows, moonroof, and even cruise control. All that in a 1991 Geo! As the end of summer drew near, I decided that I couldn’t simultaneously afford college loans and a car payment. So I sold the car to my sister’s soon to be ex-boyfriend, never to see it again.

Even though it was just a lowly Geo, it was incredibly unique, very reliable, and had one of my favorite Toyota engines from the era. Would be very cool to try to find one of these again and see if it brings me back to when I was 19, driving around in my first “nice car”.

What cars have you wished you had never sold?

EDIT: Thanks to Ray from PrizmGSI.com who helped me determine that my Geo was in fact a 1991, not a 1990. Thanks for the correction!