The Totally Rad and Forgotten Cars At Radwood SoCal!

After a nearly two year absence from SoCal, the Radwood car show is back! Radwood is a period-correct celebration of all of the radical and fresh cars from the 1980s and 1990s. Instead of choosing one of the ’80s/’90s cars from my fleet to take to the show, I just might have bought another Radwood-era machine!

This SoCal show was one of the largest Radwood events yet, and it was jam packed with all sorts of iconic vehicles and forgotten obscurities. One of the great things about Radwood is its inclusive nature—a pristine Ferrari Testarossa can be parked right next to a Toyota Corolla All-Trac, and people are equally excited to see both. Always great to talk to everyone and hear the unique stories behind their cars. Come join me and let’s get raddddddd!

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