Radwood is unlike any other car show—it’s a celebration of the cars, fashion, and culture of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Where else would you find car nerds wearing acid-washed jeans and Members Only™ jackets gazing lovingly at a perfectly preserved Pontiac Bonneville SSEi? Or spandex-wearing, brick phone holding car enthusiasts enjoying the finer details of a 1983 Chrysler LeBaron Town & Country?

I bought a 1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue the day before the show, with the hope that the 30 year old executive cruiser would make it down to Anaheim for the Radwood 2 event. It wasn’t part of the show, but I wanted to make sure we brought just a little bit more of the 1980s down to the event. Spoiler alert, it makes it! But you should still watch to check out the totally radical ’80s and ’90s cars at the show.

Can’t wait to get out to the next Radwood event, maybe with a completely different forgotten car from the ’80s!

ethan tufts

Ethan created Hello Road and started making car/travel videos as an excuse to get off his ass, go on adventures, make new friends, discover new things, travel to amazing places, and of course, justify his countless questionable automotive purchases. His infatuation with weird cars along with a shoestring budget often leads him to filling up his driveway with a brigade of terrible, failing hoopties.


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