I’m headed to the Radwood Car Show, a celebration of all things radical and fresh from the 80s and 90s! We embark on a 400 mile journey through California to the event at Sonoma Raceway. I’m driving my obscure 1988 Chevy Nova Twin Cam and am joined by auto journalist Manual Carrillo III who is piloting a brand new Polaris Slingshot. My brother Brian joins up in Sonoma and is reminded of his crash while racing during a 24 Hours of Lemons race. Watch and check out all of the insanely cool cars and people from this event!

Thanks to Ray for showing me his sweet Geo Prizm GSi, Scott for sharing stories about is Plymouth Arrow Sport, and Nick for the grand tour of his Mercedes S500.

ethan tufts

Ethan created Hello Road and started making car/travel videos as an excuse to get off his ass, go on adventures, make new friends, discover new things, travel to amazing places, and of course, justify his countless questionable automotive purchases. His infatuation with weird cars along with a shoestring budget often leads him to filling up his driveway with a brigade of terrible, failing hoopties.


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