So Many Rad and Forgotten Cars! – Car Spotting by Bike in Los Angeles!

Today, we’re going car spotting! In Southern California, rust isn’t much of an issue, so many unique and forgotten cars stay on the roads much longer than in rust-prone areas. I often take this for granted, so today I want to fully appreciate being able to regularly see these interesting old cars. So let’s head out and see what we can find!

But this time, we’ll do things a bit differently—we’re going car spotting via electric bike! Recently I’ve discovered that car spotting is most enjoyable on a bike—it’s easy to pull over without blocking traffic, and easy to take a very close look. Let’s take out one of the e-bikes I’ve reviewed recently (the Himiway D5), pick a random neighborhood in Los Angeles, ride around, and see what interesting cars we can find. Come join me!

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