The Nissan Stanza Wagon is a Weird, Forgotten Economy Car!

The time has come to sell the weirdest car in my fleet, my 1986 Nissan Stanza Wagon. Let’s go back in time 35 years and find out what makes this strange, obscure econobox so distinctive. Known as the Multi in Canada, and the Prairie everywhere else, this box on wheels first came to the US in ’86. For its time it was actually quite innovative—a unique mash-up of a van, station wagon, and compact utility vehicle.

Economy vehicles from the ’80s didn’t see much love, and it’s a rarity my Stanza never got sent to the junkyard. With just 50k miles on the clock, it could very well be the lowest mileage Stanza Wagon in existence. Even so, there isn’t exactly a huge collector market for these awkward little boxes. I just hope it goes to someone that truly appreciates these old practical cars that are all but gone from roads today. Come join me to learn more about this quirky vehicle!

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