Minivans Are Cool Now? – 2022 Kia Carnival Review!

Minivans have never widely been seen as cool, but Kia is trying their darnedest to flip the script. Kia never actually refers to their new Carnival as a minivan—in all of their marketing materials they say it’s an MPV. Vehicles like this are generally referred to as MPVs in many areas outside the US, but it’s a relatively new term in the US. Just never refer to it as a minivan and customers will line up to buy it, right? Well Kia has done a whole lot more than just refer to the Carnival by a different description here in the states. They built a super practical family vehicle that also happens to look fantastic. Will Kia finally convince people that minivans are actually great? Is it finally van time? Today let’s review the new Kia Carnival MPV and find out!

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