Let’s Drive a Jurassic Park Ford Explorer Movie Car Replica!

This is EXP 04, one of the Ford Explorer tour vehicles that would have shuttled tourists around Jurassic Park. On the stormy night of June 11th, 1993, EXP 04 and 05 were stranded outside the T Rex exhibit. Soon after, the angry dinosaur breaks free from its enclosure, goes on a rampage, and destroys EXP 04!

Steven Spielberg’s classic 1993 film has inspired many to recreate the iconic vehicles from movie. Fans of Jurassic Park have been building Ford Explorer safari tour vehicle replicas for years, and recently I had the opportunity to borrow one for a day!

Fans of 100% screen accuracy won’t find it here—the real story about this replica is that this 1992 Ford Explorer only has 70k miles on the clock, and is in near perfect condition! Join me as we take a look back at both Jurassic Park and experience the rarity of a pristine 1st generation Ford Explorer!

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