Here’s Why The Honda Civic Type R is the Best Car I’ve Owned!

Today I finally make a video with my 2019 Honda Civic Type R! How is it possible that I’ve owned this FK8 Type R for almost a year and have yet to make a video with it? Probably too busy fixing all of my other terrible cars. But here it is—the most capable, best handling, quickest, nicest car I’ve ever owned. Today let’s take a look at this incredible machine and find out what makes it so great. And maybe a few small things that suck too.

This formidable iteration of the iconic Type R quickly broke front wheel drive lap records, and was crowned as the most powerful production Honda ever sold in the United States. While it may just look like a heavily stylized compact car, the FK8 Type R is basically a race car wrapped in a Civic body. It’s incredible, and I’m glad I got to own it! But…

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