Family Road Trip in a Hyundai Santa Fe – San Luis Wildlife Refuge

Let’s take a road trip! I have to pick up a Porsche that I purchased, but it’s all the way in Reno, Nevada. So we decided to take a weeklong family road trip and stop at some unique destinations along the way. Our 2016 Toyota Prius is too small to fit camping gear, hiking gear, camera gear, and our kiddo, so we rented a 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe SE to make the trip more comfortable. Looking forward to getting to know this car and see how it does on our travels. On this first day of our trip, we look for elk and have a picnic at the San Luis Wildlife Refuge, and drench ourselves in bug spray to avoid hordes of angry mosquitoes. Come join us this week as we drive around and hit some unique spots up here in Northern California.

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