I literally bought this classy ‘80s executive cruiser one hour ago. And tomorrow we shall see if she makes it to the Radwood car show!

1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue

Unfortunately I missed the deadline to enter a vehicle into the Radwood car show, but that doesn’t mean we can’t roll down there in 1980s style?

This Fifth Avenue cruises like a dream, and floats over speedbumps like a fine boat should. Maybe if the Radwood top brass catches a glimpse of the fine Corinthian leather they’ll let it through the gates!!

1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue

Either way, tomorrow AM we’ll see if this vehicle can make the trek down to Anaheim California. I’ve only driven the thing 3 miles so far. Only needs to make it 100 miles. Wish us luck! And if you’re headed down to Radwood donning your fanny packs and acid washed jeans, please stop if you see an overheating gold Chrysler on the side of the 5 freeway.

Chrysler Fifth Avenue mirror

Chrysler Fifth Avenue emblem / logo

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