Chevy C8 Corvette Tested at the Track! – Performance Driving School Review!

Chevrolet invited me to Spring Mountain Motor Resort just outside of Las Vegas to drive the C8 Corvette on the race track for a full day of track time! This wasn’t just an ordinary track day—it was an opportunity to improve my driving skills and learn from the fantastic driving instructors at the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School. After jumping in an “Amplify Orange” C8 Corvette with the Z51 package, the day was filled with skidpad and car control exercises, classroom sessions, and a ton of lead/follow track time.

Having never driven a C8 before, this was an amazing place to experience the capabilities of this machine. I appreciate. that the school really tailored the instruction to each individual’s experience level. Towards the end of the day I was pretty much driving the C8 as quickly as I could! Managed a lap time of 1:18 on the Spring Mountain East Loop. No idea if that is any good, but it felt pretty quick! Come join me to see how the whole experience went down!

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