I’m A Car Enthusiast That is Starting to Hate Cars. Here’s Why.

It’s true. I’m a lifelong car enthusiast. I’ve owned 50 cars, I’ve restored cars, I’ve ruined cars, I’ve raced cars, I’ve done fun things in cars, I’ve done dumb things in cars. It’s why I started this channel! But I have something to admit—I’m starting to hate cars.

Today let’s talk about how owning multiple vehicles is an insanely bad idea. Let’s talk about trying to make car videos on YouTube that don’t suck. Let’s talk about why car dependency is terrible and why car enthusiasts should care about reducing traffic fatalities. Let’s talk about whether or not I should just give up and quit YouTube. You know, lots of fun lighthearted stuff. Come join me!

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  1. Amen. I went from racing rallycross and autocross to going car-lite (1 car, a WRX, for my wife and I and 3 kids) and year-round bike-commuting in the snowbelt. I love driving (when nobody else is driving) but hate the feeling of being dependent on a complex machine with many failure points (some of which are other drivers!).

  2. Thanks for speaking your truth. I think the most surprising cost of car culture is a battle between the space cities sacrifice to parking (no return on that investment) and the healthcare bomb from a largely sedentary population.

    A well researched book, Bikeconomics, goes into those details if you want to understand more. Thanks for your time!

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