I’m finally taking the first baby steps towards getting my 1990 Pontiac Turbo Grand Prix fixed up! If you’ve seen my other videos with this car, you’ll know that the ABS system and brake pump/accumulator has failed on this car. The brakes still stop the car, but now require a lot more force to do so. Today I make the questionable decision to drive it over to my friend Charles’ house, where he and his brother will help me get it fixed over the coming weeks. Charles gives me his first impressions of the car, and gets to experience the terrible brakes first hand.

ethan tufts

Ethan created Hello Road and started making car/travel videos as an excuse to get off his ass, go on adventures, make new friends, discover new things, travel to amazing places, and of course, justify his countless questionable automotive purchases. His infatuation with weird cars along with a shoestring budget often leads him to filling up his driveway with a brigade of terrible, failing hoopties.


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