I’m Selling The Raddest Car I Own – 1990 ASC McLaren Turbo Grand Prix!

I’m selling the raddest and rarest car I own, because I’m an idiot! The Pontiac Turbo Grand Prix ASC/McLaren is an often forgotten gem in GM’s late ’80s and early ’90s lineup. A joint effort between GM, American Sunroof Corporation, and McLaren Engine, it features a turbocharged 3.1L V6, ridiculously cool basket weave wheels and sportier suspension. Very few were made, and nearly everyone forgot about it! But the TGP is a glorious example of Pontiac design aesthetics from the time. I love this thing, and I’m probably going to regret selling it, but I need to slim down the fleet. So… I can buy more cars. Wait, is that how this is supposed to work? Anyway, come join me for what is likely my last video with this machine!

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  1. Ethan,
    Is the car gone????
    I love it and have not seen where you were going to list it. Anyway….great car, great videos, great job!

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