2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Review – Road Trip to the Desert!


Some people say the Corolla is boring. But I have a much different take. The Corolla has always been the logical car choice. It’s for people that want their car to always get them to where they want to go mile after mile—without any surprises, without being over designed, without ever breaking down, and without needlessly demanding their attention. But now, there is something that demands attention. The 2020 Corolla is now available in the US with a hybrid powertrain, giving you over 50 miles per gallon. In this video, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Corolla Hybrid, drive it on some back roads, and then head out to Joshua Tree, California to visit the Noah Purifoy Desert Art Museum, home to the incredibly unique assemblage sculptures of Noah Purifoy. Come join us!

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