Almost 40 years after its debut, the DeLorean DMC-12 drips more nostalgia than just about any other car on the planet. It’s nearly impossible to look at this car without recounting iconic scenes from Back To The Future. Today I drive this stainless steel wonder on some back roads, we talk about the failure of John DeLorean’s car company, and even visit a couple Back To The Future filming locations. Come join me!

Big thanks to Turo for picking up the tab for this rental. I was already a huge fan of their service, having rented an Audi, Jeep, and Alfa through them in the past. I even rented out my Toyota truck on their service for a while. Give them a try—use my referral link and get $25 off your first rental:

ethan tufts

Ethan created Hello Road and started making car/travel videos as an excuse to get off his ass, go on adventures, make new friends, discover new things, travel to amazing places, and of course, justify his countless questionable automotive purchases. His infatuation with weird cars along with a shoestring budget often leads him to filling up his driveway with a brigade of terrible, failing hoopties.

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